Liliana Mercioiu Popa

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Born in 1975, in Targu -Jiu, lives and works in Timişoara.

1999-Present, teacher at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timişoara, currently lecturer Ph.D., Painting specialization.


My artistic activity reflects a divergent, experimental vision, where the freedom to put my ideas through by means of various media, such as installation, object or photography does not go against the classical methods of drawing or painting, becoming, instead, an opportunity for transdisciplinary investigation, the material support of obsessive questions.

My approach is aimed at social issues, such as perception and the influence the environment has on humans, the analysis of their behaviour, visible in urban areas, ars poetica approaches, questioning the influence of art on the social context or focusing on the need to build an individual step-by-step exercise which will enable me to define myself in relation with the world. Thus, I am interested in transmediality, which capitalizes on the universal complexity, the multiple flapses of existence in search of the connections between various levels of reality, the proof of a coherent articulation of the world.

Selective activity

Solo exhibitions:

2014 Variable geometry, Jecza Galery, Timisoara, RO

2013 About fluidity, BELART Gallery, Novi Sad, SRB

2011 Thin, curator Ileana Pintilie, UNArte Bucharest, RO

2011 What about you?, House of Arts – Gallery Pygmalion, Department for Culture, Cults and Cultural Heritage of Timis County, Timisoara, 2011, RO

2007 In-Formation, Calina Gallery, Timisoara, RO

Group exhibitions

2014 HEPTACROMIE II, Exhibition Gallery Calpe, Timisoara, RO

2013 Fine Art from TimisoaraExhibition organized by the Gedok Foundation, Karlsruhe, DE

2012 Possible – Uncertain, Calina Gallery / Halls TIMCO, Timisoara, RO

2011 In the light of Utopia, Romanian Cultural Institute, London, UK

2011 In the middle of things, curator Ileana Pintilie, Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, RO

2010 7 terraces open to the world, Sanaa-Kubus, Essen, curator Doina Talmann / Gallery Bochum Kunstart, DE

2010 In the middle of things, curator Ileana Pintilie, Calina Gallery / Halls TIMCO,

Timisoara, RO