Oasis. Green Identity

The Young Naturalists Resort / University of Agricultural Sciences from Timișoara

A project co-funded by National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN) and Timisoara City Hall Project Center


Avantpost is a site-specific art platform, manifested through exhibitions with unconventional themes and locations which gave each project uniqueness, originality, unrepeatability. The team includes 10 local artists and a curator and also, through the open and collaborative nature of the platform, national and international artists were invited to the projects. The 12 projects, carried out from 2014 until now, related to the old fortress of the city (Theresia Bastion / 2015), or used history as a critical ideology by inserting debatable elements among the exhibits in Revolution Memorial / 2015. Also, the issue of cultural reconversion of disused spaces , such as the one located at Gara de Nord (2019) or spaces that are part of the city’s post-industrial heritage (Elba Battery Factory / 2017, STPT Studios / Corneliu Miklosi Public Transport Museum / 2019), was addressed in the sense of symbolically removing these spaces from the context of the capitalist market and offering it to the cultural circuit. In 2021, the platform brought to the public’s attention a green area on the outskirts of the city (The Young Naturalists Resort / University of Agricultural Sciences from Timișoara) to create an alternative place for exhibiting contemporary art, but at the same time, the project will address the accelerated development of the city to the detriment of the natural urban landscape.




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