What is not...A groupAn Artist-Run-Space
What is...

A collaborative site-specific art platform

Over 10 artists and a curator
What is...8 years of existence12 projects
What is...Guest artists from Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, England, SpainCultural reconversion of 5 disused spaces

Our Statement

Timisoara-based collective Avantpost is a site-specific artistic production platform whose activity is manifested through unconventional themes and locations that give the projects uniqueness, originality, unrepeatability. The team includes over 10 artists and a curator and during their 12 projects, artists from Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, England, Germany, Spain have contributed to an international experience.

The projects referred to the old citadel of the city (Bastionul Theresia / 2015, 2016) or used history as a critical ideology (Revolution Memorial / 2015). The issue of the cultural reconversion of disused spaces, such as the North Railway Station (2019) or the post-industrial heritage (Timco Halls / 2014, Fabrica de Baterii Elba / 2017, Ateliere STPT / 2019) was also addressed in the sense of  the temporary insertion of these space into the cultural context of the city. In 2021, the platform used a green area on the edge of the city to debate the issue of the accelerated development of the city at the expense of the natural urban landscape (Stațiunea Tinerilor Naturalisti).

Currently, the Avantpost strategy takes into account the participation in creating a coherent image of the local independent cultural sector in the context of Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, but also within the international artistic scene mediated by the telecommunications network, which allows the debate of various aspects of the global crisis.


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2016, Galeria Helios, Timișoara
Curator Maria Orosan Telea

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