Ciprian Chirileanu


The training as a visual artist began during his student years at the Faculty of Arts and Design, graphic department, within the West University of Timișoara, which I graduated in 1998. At the same mentioned faculty I obtained the title of doctor in visual arts in 2012, with the theme Shadow between celestial and terrestrial in contemporary art. Since 1999, I am a full member of the UAP Timișoara branch, and between 2010-2018 one of its vice-presidents.
During 1998-2008 I worked in the only engraving workshop in Romania, Graphium Workshop, the traditional and experimental techniques being the basis of most personal exhibitions, 27 in total. Among them I can mention the large project Incursions 980199 – with exhibitions in unconventional spaces in Penitentiary 1998, Cave 2001 and Airport 1999, the exhibited works being reunited at the Art Museum of Timișoara, in 2002. Another large project entitled Nodes was exhibited in Timișoara 2005 , Bucharest 2006 and Cluj Napoca 2008. Then, some personal texts (I made my literary debut in the magazine Orient Latin, 2006), were the basis of the exhibition Surrounded by grass 2009, a unitary concept of literature, installations, lawn and a lot of gauze. A personal mini-retrospective, Shadows 2012, cumulated the general concept of personal projects, the basis for writing the doctorate. Personal exhibitions in recent years have focused on installations, video, photography and computer graphics processing, the latest event, Dream Maker, taking place in 2019 in Timisoara.
The engraving works were selected at over 60 annual, biennial or triennial international visual arts events (1998-2016), including those in Beijing (China), Cadaques (Spain), Cairo (Egypt), Krakow (Poland). ), Seoul (South Korea) etc. I have also participated in over 60 national or group exhibitions in Romania. I was a member of the groups Graphium (1998-2008) and Xilogravură, matrix stylistica (since 2008), I am currently an active member of the group (since 2016), participating in its exhibitions. In parallel with the creative activity, I initiated (organized and curated) various visual arts events in Timisoara: Student Fest (1992-1994 and 1998), International Biennial of Small Engraving Graphium (2004-2008), Diplomatic Art (2014-2015 ), Consulart (from 2019 – project within TM2023), and as vice-president of UAP Timișoara I started the projects Commemorative plaques dedicated to the personalities of fine arts in Timișoara (2013-2015) and the UAP Timișoara Awards Salon (2013-2016), respectively I curated the Annual Salon of Visual Arts UAPT (2010-2014). Also, I was part of the judging commissions at the Annual Salon of Visual Arts UAP Timișoara (2006), at Grafica Românească, UAP Romania, Bucharest (2011) and at the International Biennial of Experimental Engraving, Mogoşoaia (2008).
In the period 2007-2011 I wrote visual arts chronicles for the Banat Renaissance, Paralela 45 cultural supplement, continued on a personal blog until 2016.
I mention the fact that immediately after graduating I started teaching in pre-university education, in parallel with the initiation of a painting circle with people in the custody of the Timisoara Penitentiary (1998-2002), a unique institutional project in Romania.
Works bearing my signature can be found in private collections in nine countries, as well as in museum collections in Cluj-Napoca, Galaţi, Arad and Mogoșoaia. The entire creation and personal artistic activity was reflected through various articles, chronicles or interviews in the local, national and international written and audio-visual press, starting with 1990, as well as in specialized presentations signed by Coriolan Babeţi, Maria Magdalena Crişan, Livius George Ilea, Radu Ionescu, Ioan Iovan, Negoiţă Lăptoiu, Andrei Medinski, Olivia Niţiş, Maria Orosan Telea, Deliu Petroiu, Ciprian Radovan, Alexandra Titu.