Renée Renard


Following her education and main interests, Renée Renard has developed her career in 3 areas: visual arts, business and science.

Currently she is a second year master student at the Sculpture-Ceramics section at the Faculty of Art and Design Timișoara. Previously, she obtained at the same faculty a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design (2008) and a master’s degree in Advertising and Book Graphics (2010). She followed postgraduate management studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Timișoara (2004) and graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Timișoara (1992).

Renée activates in the cultural domain both as artist and curator. Starting with 2010, her artistic activity includes 16 solo exhibitions and over 60 participations in group exhibitions in Romania and abroad.

Her artistic creation bases on two main themes: the confluence between art and medicine and the documentation/ interpretation of micro-histories. Due to her predisposition for research her first solo show was a photographic project inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia (“Images on the Music of Teodora Enache”, 2008-2009). After experimenting with the technique of underwater photography and video (“Wings Among Waters”, 2010), she focuses on site-specific installations, microscope photography and video, mixed media under the microscope, digital processing.

With a personal history closely related to migration (she is a descendant of French and German settlers who arrived in Banat in the 18th century), she documented and visually re-interpreted the history of her family and that of the colonists who settled in Banat after the 1718 Peace of Passarowitz in “A Road Like One Hundred Lives” (2013) and “1538 Kilometers” (2018).

She created the concept of “Memory Laboratories” and installed several site specific versions in the Tower of the former Battery Factory in Timișoara (“Micro-Memo Lab”, 2017), at the Petrila Coal Mine (“Micro-Memo PetriLab”, 2018), in the Timișoara Garrison (“Sugarland”, 2020) and at the Hala Timco in Timișoara (faBrique, 2021). Starting from the idea that the samples she analyzes under the microscope store the micro-memory of their place of origin, the “Memory Laboratories” integrate the general set-up principles of a classic laboratory (microscope, field samples, dyes and solvents, glassware and laboratory instruments, doctor’s gown, disposable slippers) into a site specific art installation.

Renée is the winner of the Premio Murano  for design from the Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano/ Italy (2013), and of the City Hall Award from Portet sur Garonne/ France at the Triennale Européene de l’Estampe Contemporaine (2016).

Renée collaborates with husband and visual artist Ciprian Chirileanu in joint artistic projects (“1538 Kilometers”, 2018 and “Dream Maker”, 2019) and in curatorial projects for the Diplomatic Art Association.

Renée is a member of the Romanian Union of Artists – Multimedia section, a member of the Avantpost group, vice-president and founding member of the Diplomatic Art Association. She has worked as in intern at the Alpenzoo Innsbruck/ Austria and in private veterinary offices in Austria and Canada and has 25 years working experience in management positions, out of which 20 years in the IT sector.