Oasis.Green Identity
Oasis.Green Identity
Oasis.Green Identity

CONCEPT by Maria Orosan-Telea, curator

The project Oasis. Green identity aims to problematizes the relationship between the anthropic environment and the natural environment, the accelerated urbanization and the deepening of the imbalance between the built-up areas and the green spaces inside the cities. Visionary solutions from environmental activists, architects concerned with sustainable design and agricultural sustainability policy specialists include ideas such as improving local environmental health and revitalizing built-up areas through urban gardens, ecological rehabilitation through the contribution and benefit of the communities.

Far from being solved, these acute problems of urban living have a considerable impact on the social well-being and emotional state of each individual.

The pandemic with the moments of forced calm that it caused determined once again the awareness of the responsible action on nature and the benefit of a balanced coexistence with the ecosystems that surround us.

The Oasis. Green identity exhibition aims to reflect on these aspects through the presence of artists (Avantpost group: Aura Bălănescu, Ciprian Chirileanu, Cosmin Haiaș, Marius Jurca, Livia Mateiaș, Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Sorin Oncu, Renée Renard, Petrică Ștefan, Bogdan Tomșa, Miki Velciov and their international guests, Andreas Bohnenstengel, Massimo Fiorito, Patricia Lincke / Platform MQ18 München and Collective Invisible Flock Leeds) who work with the space, with objects and new media technologies, who build coherent discourses in relation with the place and situation in which they are going to insert their conceptual and material structures. Their interventions will drown attention towards a green area in the Eastern part of Timisoara, a surprising space due to the diversity of the typology of natural landscapes it puts together. The Young Naturalists Resort belongs to the University of Agricultural Sciences from Timișoara and is at the same time a dendrological park, an acacia forest, an urban garden, an area with ponds, a didactic household.

The specificity of the Avantpost group, crystallized during the 11 exhibitions held between 2014 and 2019, is given by this ability to dialogue frankly with alternative exhibition spaces. The site-specific practice, visible especially in the exhibitions Universallowed (2017, Tower of the former Battery Factory) and In Vitro Veritas (2019, Timișoara North railway station), will be one of the important purposes of the Oasis project, which aims at the positive impact that art can have on mediating the relationship between the community and nature in its immediate vicinity.

The standard exhibition will be replaced by an experimental curatorial formula, in which the works will be partially physically isolated from each other, due to the large distances between them, but will live together due to the common concept.

Cultural Partners:

Avantpost Platform, MQ18 Kunstplatz München, Invisible Flock Collective Leeds, Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, The Young Naturalist Resort / University of Agricultural Science of Banat, Fine Arts Faculty and Design, Curatorial Research Center, Art History, Criticism and Heritage Studies, Art Encounters Foundation, Diplomatic Art Association, T-Act Association, Tehnoarte Association, Studio Peisaj, Artouching, Științescu Fund Timișoara,  Timisoara Community Foundation, Pixel Art, Digital Canvas

Media Partners:

Revista Arta, Propagarta, Modernism, The Institute, Banatul Azi


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Cultural project included in the priority cultural program TM2023 RESTART of the Project Center of Timișoara Municipality, realized with the support of Timișoara City Hall and Timișoara Local Council. The cultural project does not necessarily represent the position of the Timișoara City Hall and the Timișoara Local Council. The content of the cultural project and how its results can be used are the sole responsibility of the authors and the beneficiary of the funding. Timișoara City Hall and Timișoara Local Council are not responsible for the content of the material and how it could be used.


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