Nicolae Velciov





Born 1968, lives and works in Timișoara

2015 – MA Painting, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, RO.

2013- BA Painting, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, RO.

His work deals with the combination of artistic genres by switching from painting to the art object, video installation and land art.


Selected Group Exhibitions


Hidden Agenda. In memoriam Sorin Oncu, Muzeul Temporar de Artă Contemporană Timișoara. Curator Cosmin Haiaș

Hidden Agenda. In memoriam Sorin Oncu, Rezidența Scena 9, NAG București. Curator Cosmin Haiaș

Epicentru, proiect colaborativ Avantpost.ro & Kinema Ikon, Muzeul de Artă, Arad

Unseen. Celebrating DADA, Galeria Helios, Timișoara.  Expoziție realizată de platforma Avantpost.ro în colaborare cu Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici și Centrul de creație al artelor vizuale contemporane al Facultății de Arte Timișoara. Curator Maria Orosan-Telea

Bienala internațională de artă miniaturală, Galeria Mansardă, Timișoara


Becoming Connected, Art Encounters Timișoara Contemporary Art Biennale, Memorial of Revolution, Timișoara. Curators: Raynald Schumacher, Nathalie Hoyos

Bienala Internațională de fotografie miniatură: With & Without , 2015, Galeria Mansardă, Timișoara

Desenul din atelier. Bienala de grafică, ediția a3-a 2015, Facultatea de Arte și Design, Universitatea de Vest Timișoara, Galeria                       Mansardă. Curator Adriana Lucaciu

Beyond the Silence, curator Maria Orosan-Telea, expoziție Avantpost.ro, Bastionul Theresia Muzeul Banatului, Timișoara

Heimat an der kreuzung, Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut Berlin

Rodina na krastopat, Wittgenstein Haus – Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut Viena


The Vanishing Point, Eveniment Avantpost.ro, Halele Timco,Timișoara

Diplomatic Art, curator Ciprian Chirileanu Centrul de afaceri, Timișoara

Diptyque, Curator Cristian Sida, Galeria Calpe, Timișoara

Bulharski Culturny Institut, Bratislava

Bienala internațională de artă miniaturală, Galeria Mansardă, Timișoara


So Close, So Far, Galeria națională de cultură, Sofia

Concav, convex, Curator Rudolf Kocis, Galeria Triade, Timișoara

Ce pieritor e omul, gândea albatrosul! Expoziție de video, fotografie, instalație, obiect. Curator Liliana Mercioiu, Galeria Atelier DIY, Timișoara

VIRR VARR, Echipa curatorială secția ITA, Facultatea de Arte și Design, Timișoara.  Coordonator Ileana Pintilie, Galeria Primăriei Timișoara.



What are the grasses hiding, Land Art Symposium. Rusenski Lom Natural Park. Nisovo, Bulgaria

Arsenal, Process Space Art Festival, Ruse, Bulgaria


Entities at the Crossroads Artforum, Bahnhof  Langmeil, Germany


Land Art, Ghelari, Hunedoara


Maudite soit la guerre, Méricourt, Franța

Aradul văzut de artiști, Arad

Bălgarski Artforum u Bănată, Lipova

Artistic Residencies 




First Prize: Desenul din atelier, ediția a3-a 2015, Facultatea de Arte și Design, Universitatea de Vest Timișoara


In Terra Pax, 2016


m3           m2


What can shelter a cubic meter of earth? If for some mean an area measured in square meter, equivalent to a certain value given by financial markets and free trade dedicated to bringing a profit, however, the square meter has a dimension that gives depth. A cubic meter of land can accommodate a system that helps creatures, like a Noah’s Ark of, the natural balance of the entire Earth.






Video installation and performance (oil on canvas 250x 100 cm, tree trunk cut in multiple pieces of variable size, digital animation 3’, live sound)

The relationship between visual and auditory is enhanced by Nicolae Velciov starting from the idea that any natural entity has its interior sound, generated by the life pulsing in it. The tracks left in the woody matter by the parasites which had populated it thus become traces of sound, visually perceptible only by a multiple sectioning. In this context, fragmentation and the graphic transposition of the interior reality of the wood can be understood as a reconstruction of sound tracks.

A second phase of the approach consists of transcribing in  pictorial language of signs on two-dimensional surfaces of each section of wood, visual material transposed in its turn into a piece of music with the help of musicians collaborating with the artist.



BIG BROTHER Series, 2014

In the Big Brother installation, Nicolae Velciov addresses, in a neovanguard way, the connection between the construction of the image (focal point) and address-reception level (oculus or legally privileged). More specifically, the relationship between observer and observed object is described by closed circuit video surveillance, reflected by the omnipresence of surveillance in contemporary society that hovers over all things.




Dezrădăcinare / Uprooting, 2013

 Dezrădăcinare, pictură instalație, 2013           ansamblu