Cosmin Haiaș




Education and training:

2006-2008  M.A. in European Cultural Policies, Faculty of Fine Art and Design Timișoara Romania

2002-2006 Painting, Faculty of Fine Art and Design Timișoara Romania

1988-1993 Industrial Automation Engineer, Traian Vuia Polytechnic Institute, University of Timișoara

Level in national and international classification:      ISCED 5

Personal exhibitions: 

2014  NNN – No News Newsletter, Make a Point Gallery București

2010 State of anxiety, Calina Gallery Timișoara

Group exhibitions:

2015 Beyond the Silence, Theresia Bastion Timișoara

2013 Imago Mundi Project, Benetton Foundation, www.imagomundiart.com

2012 In the middle of things, Museum of Art Cluj

2011 Possible – Uncertain, photography, video, installation in Timisoara, Timco Halls Timișoara

2011 Synthesis Contemporary – Romanian Art, Houses of Parliament București

2010 Union of Artists Winter Show, Museum of Art Timișoara

2010 20 years anniversary – The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design 1990 – 2010 Timco Halls, Galeria Calina Timișoara

2010 People in Translation Synagogue Timișoara

2010 In the middle of things, Timco Halls Timișoara

2010 Art Booth Timișoara

2009 Eugene Ionesco Centenary, ICR Budapest, Timișoara-Budapest-Szeged  Exhibition


2012 Alexandra Titu Izomorfism magazine nr.2 – Art=Policy

2011 Ileana Pintilie Possible – Uncertain, photography, video, installation in Timisoara exhibition catalogue

2011 Liviu Nedelcu Synthesis Contemporary-Romanian Art exhibition catalogue

2010 Alexandra Titu State of Anxiety exhibition catalogue

Representative artworks:

Art installations

Objectual series:

A5 BM2 F1 lu5