Liviu Iliescu





 Short CV

1942 – 1947 – Student at the Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest, the section of Electrotechnic Studies

1949 – 1983 – Acted in various positions of management in the research field and in that of projecting optic systems and devices at IOR.

He patented more inventions regarding the bioptical modalities.

Since the 50`s he systematically has developped personal studies regarding the binocular visual perception estabilishing the modalities of applying the phenomena in the art especially in painting and sculpture.

1983 – 2001 – He has improuved the methods of applying the results of over 50 years of studies developping a new field of art, that he called to be “Bioptical Art”. Refering to this theme he published more articles and a synthessis book entitled “The Bioptical Art – Training of bioptical Vision”, 1998, Ed. Crater.

THE CHRONOLOGY of “The Bioptical Art” Liviu Iliescu`s publications

1974 – letters patent registred at the State Agency for Invention and Marks (OSIM): Nr. 67678/12.02.1974

1975 – the author`s letter published in The Week Review Nr. 237/20.06.1975

1987 – the article “The Bioptical Painting” was published in “Science and Tehnique” Review Nr. 8-9/1987

1987 – “The painting in Three dimensions” interview with Liviu Iliescu taken by Liviu Timbus in “The Flame” Review 1987.

1988 – The article “The Bioptical Painting” was published in “The Art” magazine: Nr.7/1988

1988 – the author offered an interview to Iuliana Bunia regarding the art for the “Romanian Horizont” Magazine of Russian Language: Nr.5/1988

1989 – the article “Retinal Cooperation” was published in “The Art” Magazine: nr.5/1989

1990 – the article “Stimuli – evoked abstractization” was published in “The Art” Magazine: Nr.2/1990

1990 – the article “Blue Breezes” was published in “The Art” Magazine: Nr. 9-10/1990

1995 – letters patent registred at the State Agency for inventions and Marks (OSIM) Nr. 112061/31.07.1995: Method for kinetic rendering back of stereoscopic type

1998 – Liviu Iliescu – “The Bioptical Art – Training of Bioptical Vision”; Ed. Crater/148 pag.

2005 – Liviu Iliescu – “Initiation into Bioptical Art”; Monitorul Oficial R.A./87 pag.


Reference, connections and recomandations

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1994 – The Romanian academy – “Francisc I. Rainer” center of Antropological Research – Professor dr. V. Sihleanu – Recomandation to the General Secretariate of the Romanian Academy

1994 – Prof. Dr. arch Mario Smighelschi – The Dean of “Ioan Mincu” Architecture Institute – recomandation to the “New Museum of Contemporary Art” New York

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1998 – Universite de Geneva; the aknowledgement of book registration in the library

1999 – National Gallery of Art Washington; the cknowledgement of book registration in the library

1994– 2000 – He presents the bioptical art to the students in the 4th year of study from Ion Mincu Architecture Institute” invited by prof. Dr. arh. Sorin Vasilescu

2001 – “The Bioptical Art – Contemporary Art” Exhibition/ The Chamber of Deputies/ The International Center of Conference / The Departament for Exhibitions. Read more…

 Representative bioptical artworks

ii1                 ii2

Study C, oil on cardboard, 65x90cm                                                            Study E, oil on canvas, 90x65cm

ii3                  ii4

Study D, oil on cardboard, 90x65cm                                                          Study F, oil on canvas, 100x75cm


R12 Wide-angle study, oil on canvas, 800x220cm, Bioptical Art Exhibition, Constantin Brâncuși Hall, Parlament Palace, București, 2001